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14 Jun

“Three-strikes Legislation” Proposes for Canadians with more than Three Convictions for Pardon Denial

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People be more productive and get more out of life; however new laws may remove your freedom forever. Under the Conservative Government’s omnibus crime legislation mandatory minimum sentences now apply to many of those who have been charged. Its going to get even tougher to get a Pardon. We have upgraded our automated Pardon process to reflect the new changes. We are now Locally Participating in Cases for Applications of Every Province, Territory, and the USA. Remove Your Criminal Record Before New Laws Take Effect.

Certain individuals cannot qualify for a pardon and or US Waiver under current legislature. Processing fees have gone up by 1200% Pardon Laws are changing. In addition, the perimeter law threatens greater restrictions for travel and lengthier border service disruptions. Fill in the form above to see if you qualify today before further legislative changes take effect.


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